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The Shard Box Luath Press Ltd ISBN 1 906817 62 6

Taking its title from Chinese boxes constructed from wood and inset with smashed porcelain, The Shard Box explores themes of fragmentation and reintegration. In English, and in Scots, she recounts experiences of travelling in Asia as well as closer, domestic concerns.

Burning Whins   Luath Press Ltd     ISBN 1 842820745 2006
Stravaigin - Liz Niven
Burning Whins concerns itself with relationships and ownership. Describing the Scottish Parliament, plane travel in the Western Isles, and the destruction wrought by the Foot and Mouth epidemic,  the poems depict the many faces of contemporary Scotland.
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Stravaigin   Luath Press Ltd     ISBN 190522270X
Stravaigin - Liz Niven
At the core of this wide-ranging collection of poems is the notion of the Scots as a community of 'stravaigers' or wanderers within as well as beyond Scotland's borders. Liz Niven draws on a variety or resources - the history of the Scots, her personal roots and the contemporary landscape - and moves outward, through various foreign cultures and many moods, to view the world through distinctly Scottish eyes.
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Stravaigin - Liz NivenCree Lines   pub. DGAA/Watergaw    ISBN 09529978
Available from Dumfries & Galloway Arts Association

The Newton Stewart Business Initiative and Solway Natural Heritage commissioned Liz to write poems for the enhancement of the River Cree in Galloway.
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The Story of NinianThe Story of Ninian  Watergaw/Dumfries and Galloway Education Department                                                                               ISBN 0952997814
A booklet in English about the life of Ninian who brought Christianity to Scotland.
Published by Watergaw & Dumfries & Galloway Education Dept.1997
Copies available from ...

The Story of NinianA Play About Ninian  Watergaw/Dumfries and Galloway Education Department                                                                               ISBN 0952997827
A play for children in Scots about the life of the Christian saint Ninian.


Killing Time (Drama). Pub.Spotlight Productions.

The Sound of Our Voices. Pub. Dumfries &Galloway Libraries ISBN 094628038 X 1999

The Scots Language: Its Place in Education. co-ed. R. Jackson ISBN 0 952 9978 51 Pub. by Watergaw Scots Language Pack: D&G. Education Dept.

The Sweetie Poke D&G.Education Dept /Markings ISBN 1901913197

The Kist SCCC now LTS (TES/Saltire Award 1997), ISBN 0 17 429006 3

Haud Yer Tongue. Channel 4 Scots Language for Schools Programmes

Solway Stills and  Teacher/Pupil Notes. D&G.Educ.Dept.

Support Notes on Scots Language for SCCC for 'Higher Still'.
ISBN 1 85955 823 2

Turnstones1  Hodder & Stoughton (TESS/Saltire Award 2002)ISBN 0 340 79036 9

Doadie's Boadie. Scots Language Resource Centre 1999
It's a Braw Brew. co-ed Pete Fortune. Pub Watergaw ISBN 0 9529978 0 0
Scots Language in Scotland: Mercator. European Bureau of Lesser Used Languages ISSN 1570-1239

The Dynamics of Balsa pub. ASLS ISBN 978 0 948877 77 3
Plays for Scottish Schools pub. ASLS/HodderGibson ISBN 978 0 340 94628 2

Bucket of Frogs pub.ASLS ISBN 978 0 948877 87 2

Reviews and articles appear in a range of publications including Perspectives:British Council in Eastern Europe, Ullans in Belfast, TES, Herald, Education in the North, ASLS,  English Drama Media: National Association Teachers in Education, Scottish Education (Eds,Bryce & Hume) Belfast Studies in Language, Culture and Politics, Lallans, BBC Arts Programmes.


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