Liz Niven

Cree Lines

Stravaigin - Liz NivenDGAA/Watergaw ISBN 09529978
Available from Dumfries & Galloway Arts Association

The Newton Stewart Business Initiative and Solway Natural Heritage commissioned Liz to write poems for the enhancement of the River Cree in Galloway.
The subsequent poems appear on granite, sandstone, metal and wood. Various sculptors engraved the text onto benches, handrails and bridges. Artists included Samvado, Alan Lees, while Galloway Granite’s monumental sculptors engraved poems into granite blocks for benches.

An exhibition of Cree Lines, with photographs by Zvonko Kracun, was held in the Kibble Palace in Glasgow’s Botanic Gardens. The spiral poem appears in the forthcoming Ten Seasons published by the Scottish Poetry Library 2007 and Luath Press Ltd.

stravaiger’s rest: this poem can be read at the roadside of the A74

Stravaiger's Rest
Oor forefaithers fished here,
doon in the Cree.
Fairmers sheared sheep,
cropped gress, fed kye.
Nae different fae folk noo.

Here by the roadside,
new noises are heard.
Nae cairts or horses gan thir slow gait,
heavy soons,
fae west's green isle,
tae Europe's route east.
Some even trevel new highways o space.

Rest fir a while,
afore gangin oan,
intae the slipstream-
gull flight, salmon swim, mayfly dart-
yer ain element, ain rhythm,
wished well in aw ye dae.

Reviews of Cree Lines

 ‘Liz Niven is a remarkable poet who addresses the world, the future and the folk who walk where her words are etched into the natural environment. As relevant to our lives as air, water, light, Cree Lines is a remarkable work.’ - Janet Paisley

‘Handsome creation of a verbal waterway.’ - Herald newspaper

‘Liz Niven is …a makar - a skilled, versatile worker in the craft of writing.’  - Scots Magazine

‘Liz Niven's poetry ranges from the epigrammatic to the lyrical to the list. The language is carefully crafted…’  - Galloway News

‘Cree Lines is a remarkable project. This is a handsomely produced booklet…for those who appreciate both poetry and place.’  - Dumfries&Galloway Standard

‘This is no ordinary collection of poems.’ - Dumfries & Galloway Today

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